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Women’s Records Updated …

January 14, 2012

… to reflect Lynne Homan’s (formerly Rodriguez) records set at the USAPL Fast Gym Winter Classic last weekend in Downington, PA.


West Virginia Lifters Set Records in Virginia State Meet

November 4, 2011

TeamWest Virginiaset 12, WV state records at the USAPL Virginia States Championship last weekend in Mechanicsville,VA.

The team comprised Lynne Rodriguez, Michael Bradley, Joel Gibson, Gil Schoolcraft, and Eddie Bailey.

In the 132 weight class, Rodriguez, 48, put on a solid performance by going 8 for 9.  She not only won the raw, M-1 division and set four records but also captured the best female lifter award with a 666 lb total.  Her record lifts are a 209 squat, a 154 bench press and a 303 dead lift.

Michael Bradley, 16, also set four state records and placed first in the 198 raw, teenage division.   He squatted 336, bench pressed 270, dead lifted 451 and totaled 1058.

Joel Gibson, 35, lifted in the 165 raw, open division, setting three records for his performance.  His records include a 242 bench press, a 407 dead lift and a 959 total.

Gil Schoolcraft, 44, placed second in the raw, 198 M-1 division and came away with a 424 dead lift record.

Eddie Bailey, 39, bench pressed 363 and grabbed a first-place finish in the 220 equipped, open division (bench only).

Records updated.

Records Updated: 2011 WV State, Open Championships

August 23, 2011

The official records have been updated with all the records set at the 2011 WV State, Open Championships.

Check them out here:

Scorecard: 2011 WV State, Open Championships

August 22, 2011

The official scorecard from the 2011 WV State, Open Championships has been posted here:


The records will be updated soon.

Record Breakers …

August 17, 2011

The results from the WV USAPL State Championship on August 6 are still in the process of being added to the official records, but for the curious among you I’ve went ahead and posted a list of all the records that were set/broken here:


Also, the new Iron Man category will be added to the records as well.

And Congratulations Go To…

May 5, 2011

… Doug Currence for his win at the 2011 USAPL Master’s National Powerlifting Championship.

Doug, lifting equipped in the 242 lb, 50-54 age group, totaled an impressive 1807.  Individual lifts were squat 683, bench 480, and dead lift 644.

Records updated.

The following new records were set …

December 14, 2010

… last Saturday (12.4.2010) at VMI.

  • Doug Currence set records in the 242 RAW masters (50-54 age group) and RAW open divisions with lifts of 573, 380, 633, for a total of 1587.
  • Morgan Elswick, lifting in the 181 equipped collegiate and junior divisions, set records in the squat, bench press and total.  Her lifts were 402, 187 and 904 (total) respectively.

Records section has been updated.