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Women’s Records Updated …

January 14, 2012

… to reflect Lynne Homan’s (formerly Rodriguez) records set at the USAPL Fast Gym Winter Classic last weekend in Downington, PA.


Congratulations to …

August 25, 2011

… Mark Runyan for setting three WV state records this past weekend at the Raw Nationals in Scanton, PA.   Lifting in the 220lb weight class in the police/firefighter division, Mark squatted 606, dead lifted 551 and totaled 1521.

Records updated.

Records Updated: 2011 WV State, Open Championships

August 23, 2011

The official records have been updated with all the records set at the 2011 WV State, Open Championships.

Check them out here:

The following new records were set …

December 14, 2010

… last Saturday (12.4.2010) at VMI.

  • Doug Currence set records in the 242 RAW masters (50-54 age group) and RAW open divisions with lifts of 573, 380, 633, for a total of 1587.
  • Morgan Elswick, lifting in the 181 equipped collegiate and junior divisions, set records in the squat, bench press and total.  Her lifts were 402, 187 and 904 (total) respectively.

Records section has been updated.

Records updated…

October 12, 2010

… to reflect Doug Currence’s latest record in the Men’s Equipped Bench Press  Only category.

More to follow.

New record: USAPL Bench Press Nationals

September 13, 2010

A belated congratulations goes out to Chris Asbury for setting a state record bench  press at the 2010 USAPL Bench Press Nationals held  August 29 in Charlottesville, VA.  Lifting in the equipped, open 242 division, Chris bench pressed an amazing 617 and placed second.  Chris made the lift on the first attempt.

Chris’ success was not without controversy, though.  For his second attempt Chris called for 639, got fired up, pushed the weight to lock out and got the lift passed,  two to one.  Or, so he thought…

The platform referees ruled the lift good, but the jury sitting next to the platform thought otherwise.  They used their overriding powers to disqualified the lift, saying the bar went back down momentarily during the ascent (USAPL/IPF rules governing disqualification of  a bench press relating to this matter state: “any downward movement of the whole of the bar in the course of being pressed out.”).

Chris took the 639 lbs over on the third attempt but to no avail.  He was pushed out at that point.  Sometimes it’s quite devastating to lose an all-time best lift to a controversial technicality such as that just described.

Records updated.

Once again…

August 16, 2010

…congratulations go to Doug Currence. This time for setting records in the Men’s Open Division (equipped), 242 lb class:  1775 lb total, and the Men’s Master Division (equipped), 242lb class:  667 lb squat; 480 lb bench press; 628 lb deadlift; 1775 total.

Records were set at the recent NAPF/IPF Championship in Puerto Rico.

Note: All lifts performed in an IPF contest count as USAPL records.

Records updated.