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WV Has a New Champion…

October 5, 2011

Congratulations to Doug Currence for winning the 2011 IPF World Masters Powerlifting Championships in St Catherines Canada.  Doug lifted  in the Masters 2, 105kg class and squatted 666, benched 474, and deadlifted 628.


Congratulations to …

August 25, 2011

… Mark Runyan for setting three WV state records this past weekend at the Raw Nationals in Scanton, PA.   Lifting in the 220lb weight class in the police/firefighter division, Mark squatted 606, dead lifted 551 and totaled 1521.

Records updated.

Records Updated: 2011 WV State, Open Championships

August 23, 2011

The official records have been updated with all the records set at the 2011 WV State, Open Championships.

Check them out here:

Scorecard: 2011 WV State, Open Championships

August 22, 2011

The official scorecard from the 2011 WV State, Open Championships has been posted here:


The records will be updated soon.

Record Breakers …

August 17, 2011

The results from the WV USAPL State Championship on August 6 are still in the process of being added to the official records, but for the curious among you I’ve went ahead and posted a list of all the records that were set/broken here:


Also, the new Iron Man category will be added to the records as well.

Message From the Chair: 08-03-11

August 3, 2011

The 2011 WV USAPL State Championship on August 6 will happen in few short days.  I hope everyone who plans to compete has been having great workouts and is right on track to set some PRs or records.  I’ll get back to discussing the meet in more detail in just a bit.

 With that said, I wish to apologize to all for being remiss in getting updates to everyone and letting lifters know what’s going on.  I’ve been on the fast track since January both at work, in the gym training and at the MX track with my son Elliott.

Again, I am sorry.

So, let’s move forward.  First I need to mention what a great job Chris Asbury did at the Arnold Sports Festival this past March in the Titan Pro Bench Bash.  Weighing a little less than 235 lb in the heavy-weight division (120kg) class), Chris placed third overall by benching 661 lb, just barely missing 672 lb on a third attempt because of a lockout problem.  Chris has amazing leverage in this lift and it’s just a matter of time before 700 goes into the record books beside his name.  Chris, by the way, will be competing in the state championship.  Let’s see if he can put together a good squat and dead lift along with that monster bench he’s capable of.


The powerlifting community recently lost a couple of well respected, influential members.

Michigan’s Craig Terry passed away June 10.  A longtime member of the USAPL, Craig was an IPF world record holder in the dead lift and an all-around nice guy who always seemed to be in a good mood.  It appears he died of a heart attack but the actual cause of death remains unclear.

Pennsylvania’s Al Siegel died in his sleep on June 19.  One of Al’s most recognized  achievement in the federation is the fact that he had one of the longest stints as a IPF Category I referee, which carries the highest ranking in referee classification.  Al also competed in the sport throughout his career and promoted state, regional and national competitions.  Incidentally, he was a longtime friend of Vince White, one of the state’s patriarchs of powerlifting.

Craig and Al will be missed by many for years to come.


As I promised let’s discuss a few important details about the meet this coming Saturday.  And one of the most important details is to not bomb out.  For all you first-time or novice lifters out there—open up light and remember it’s not what you start with but what you end up with that matter.  Powerlifting is a demanding sport that is both physical and mental.  Training it properly and making gains pushes one to the limit and requires hours spent in the gym.  Bombing out in a meet flushes all this effort down the drain.  So, don’t bomb out.

Here are some points to remember the day of the meet.

Make sure to listen closely during the rules meeting.  Don’t be afraid.  Ask questions if you don’t understand any aspect of the rules of performance.  Have the speaker say it twice if need be.

  • Speaking of the rules, make sure you know all the head referee’s commands—especially those of the bench press, e.g. “start, press, rack.”
  • If you are bench pressing with supportive shirts, make sure your head stays on the bench from the time the referee says “start” until he or she says “rack.”  Tight shirts have a tendency to pull the head off the bench as the weight is being lowered to the chest and will almost always produce a red light from the referees.
  • In regards to wraps and other apparel.  Knee wraps can only be 2 meters in length, the wrist wraps 1 meter in length.  Suits and shirts shall be made of one-ply, polyester material.  The belt shall be only 10 cm in width, which translates to about 4 inches.  Refer to the USAPL lifter’s handbook for more information (handbook can be downloaded by going to the USAPowerlifting website).
  • Squat briefs are not allowed.  Wear only athletic supporters or commercial briefs.  Women can wear a commercial or sport bra.
  • For raw lifting, use only neoprene knee sleeves.  Cloth material is not allowed.
  • Knee socks shall be worn during the dead lift.  No exceptions.
  • During the squat, if you miss the lift and cannot come back up with the weight stay under the bar while the spotters help you put the weight back in the rack.
  • Respect the equipment, both on the platform and in the warm up area.  Do not intentionally drop the bar after the referee gives you a “down” command for the dead lift.  The equipment you will be using is expensive and top-of-the-line and such acts of disregard could damage it.  An intentional drop could get you disqualified from the meet.
  • Respect the meet personnel, referees and venue.  Refrain from using foul, abusive language.  It’s understood that emotions run high when a lift is missed or turned down due to a technicality, but cussing or throwing items and making a scene will not make the situation any better.  Excessive use of this type language or action could lead to a disqualification.  Remember you will be at SCHS, a public facility, whose administration gave permission for the meet to happen.

I hope the above comments will shed some light on some important points to remember.  See you Saturday morning and the best of luck to all lifters, coaches and supporters.

Doug Currence

Nominations: 2011 USAPL West Virginia State, Open Championship

July 29, 2011

The nominations sheet for the 2011 USAPL West Virginia State, Open Championship have been posted here:

Update: Revisions.